@IreenChau awww thank you. N ur welcome. =^_^= 


Hi there! I am working on a novel called Corporate Secrets, if you have time it'd be great if you could read it and send feedback. Many thanks in advance!


@IreenChau Def.. I've already read ur summary n it sounds interesting. So when I get some free time I'll read ur story. Lol 
          Ps. There no greatest fan other than a dragon fan.... Lol ^_^ 


Hello I'm a big fat dragon fan... If you have time can you flip through my story A Pair Of Dragon Wings? I'm kind of new to wattpad so I don't think my stories are well written at all but iCloud use some support. Thanks for offering your time to everyone that needs attention! You seem very nice~ 


@Kaye21.  Awwwww ur story jus so darn good i can't help but not be a fan!=^_^= anytime!!! Love! <3 
          Ps: there well be many more to come lol! 


          :) :) :)
          Thank you so so so much for sticking by me!!! You have no idea how happy it makes me to see your comments! :D 


Thank you for fanning:) And all the bajillions of comments, they made me smile. I don't have my flashdrive with me, or I would update tonight, but in about two weeks I'll be getting a laptop so I can update every day if possible. 
          I hope you're having a great day, and keep reading;)