Just a dragon with too many stories to keep inside of her head.

I'm a writer with a long list of stories to write that I will never finish and an equally long list of books to read.

I am a fangirl, writer, gamer, aesthetic maker, professional memer, and reader. I sometimes roleplay as well.

Just a few of my fandoms:
The Hunger Games
Wings of fire
Percy Jackson
and many more that would take too long to list.

Ships/fictional crushes:
Way too many to list

No follow for follows.

I am not taking reading requests at the moment.

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Profile Pic drawn by @StrikieSketches, all credits to them.

Profile background is not by me.

"There will always be someone trying to hold you back from your true potential, don't let that person be you."

"Never see the world as it appears to be; dare to see it for what it could be."-Dr.Winston

"War upon stone and it grows weaker. War upon man and he grows stronger. Which shall your wall be built of?"-Mark of the Bulwarks

"Often when we guess at others' motives, we reveal only our own." -Mara Sov

They're death robots with good taste in music."

"They're death robots with a good taste in music."-Ghost
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I just listened to 300 violin orchestra and I went from a sleep deprived student trying to do math to the queen of the dragon dimensions defeating her evil rival.  It was awesome, and now I'm awake a...
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