I'm a High School graduate looking to get back into school.
I do a little bit of everything, and I love it.

I'm an artist, a poet, a writer, a singer (a bad one) a painter, a photographer, and a little bit of everything else you can count artistic.

My life is a dream and a constant mess.

My stories will be based on things I know, even if they are fictional.

I love to put forward my own ideas and listen to others, I try to keep an open mind without being stupid.

Lastly; I am never a victim of my past. I am a scholar, a teacher, and a reminder of it; but never a victim. That is because I lived to survive it, and I look forward to the challenges the future will bring.
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DragonOfSapphire DragonOfSapphire Oct 19, 2015 08:34AM
I'm sorry to all my followers. I haven't updated Fairytales in a long time and to be honest, that Flood in Denver that happened a couple years ago, the one that destroyed my laptop and all my paper d...
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The Journal

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Description: To whom it may concern. This journal is a record of my experience of something unnatural that became of me following after the death of my wife, Vivian. To those whom share my affliction, this journal may help...


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Fairytales BoyxBoy

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After the tragic death of his mother, Richard and his father moved away from everything he knew in life...

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Of Brothers

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A poem about me and my brother.


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Story Reading List

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