Writing is my passion. Reading is my life.

WARNING: some content on my "About Me" section may anger some readers, so please, if you do choose to read this section, do not leave me rude messages.

Quick Facts:
-This website is getting infiltrated with teenage, hormonal girls who do not take the time to spell check their work before posting one of their many unrealistic, plot-less one direction fanfics.
-LOVE the Harry Potter Series
-read Twilight, and I have to say that the movies are not as good as the books.
-5'1 ft ..I blame genetics on my shortness
-I don't care whether someone is Christain, Muslim, Jewish, Athiest, etc. The only thing that matters to me is a person's personality. (and yes, that does mean I have friends of different religious backgrounds)
-I also don't care whether you are straight, bi, or homosexual. In the end, we are all the same. (and yes, that does mean I have lesbian, bisexual, gay, and straight friends)
-While at school, I spend my lunch hour in the library reading. (I'm not joking in the slightest bit)
-I used to have a Harry Potter fanfiction on this website. It got a little over 5,500 reads, about 100 votes, and somewhere around 70 comments. Although, I deleted the story because in my opinion, it was absolute rubbish.

Harry Potter Series <3
Draco Malfoy <3 <3 <3
Slytherin :]
Severous Snape should not have died :[

I honestly don't really know what else to say. We are all on here for a reason; to read and write. When I discovered Wattpad, I was ecstatic!! Anywho, wanna learn more about me? Ask away in my message board.

Want me to read your stories? Leave a link!
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