After a wild and crazy childhood I joined the Air force and did a tour in Nam then did a hitch with IBM before settling on a career in Electronics. After an enjoyable 40 years as an industrial engineer I tried my hand at gardening and contracting for a while then In 2007 I went out to eat with my family at a Chinese restaurant, after dinner the server brought the bill and 3 fortune cookies. I don’t normally put a lot of stock in what fortune cookies say, but I read them anyway. This particular Fortune cookie didn’t look any different than the hundreds I have opened before, but I did so more out of curiosity than anything else, there was some Chinese scrimshaw on the back along with the English translation. I turned it over and read, YOU HAVE SO MANY STORIES, YOU SHOULD WRITE A BOOK, So I did. I enjoyed it so much I wrote a bunch more.
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DougNelson DougNelson Jul 08, 2012 02:53AM
Thank you, Darrell
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