I feel like I'm suppose to talk about myself, but I'm not that interesting. D: 

I suppose I shall anyway. I'm a hobbyist writer who use to dream of becoming a writer. Still, to this day, I would love to see my novels on bookshelves, but that doesn't seem to be in my future. So, I travel the webs of the internet, writing a little bit, publishing, and running off again. I hope this sticks though. :)

I absolutely adore my friends, zombie movies, sleep, food, and old video games. Without these fantastic things, my life would be very, very boring.
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@ameliaskeethogwarts Unfortunately, it's not a mythology novel. Sorry! 
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Goddess of Room 124

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Description: Noah Baron is a normal, awkward college student that just happens to have a problem talking to girls. However, when the girl he's been admiring for months is murdered, all the blame is put on Noah's shoulders...


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