Im Andy Mora
People say I'm" straight up".
Probably true.
But I'm not intensionally that way.
I just speak my mind without regrets.
I dont take crap from anyone.
That also goes for my friends.
My greatest annoyance is when guys disrespect girls or anyone I'm close to.
I'm not stronger than most people but I know how to use my intelligence to my benefit.
I'm an outstanding debater and public speaker but I prefer to watch from the shadows.
I don't prefer attention.
Mostly because I'm already used to not getting any.
I've had one girlfriend but have never been kissed.
I can't like more than one girl at once so it's naturally hard for me to let go of someone.
I have a painful past, only a handful of people know.
I don't prefer to be close to people because of my trust issues so you have to work if you truly want to be friends.
I have been told that "everyone knows me".
Sure,I guess so, but they don't know "me".
Most of them never will.
Aware is more like it.
I don't like to show emotion for undisclosed reasons from my past.
Muse♥ Muse♥ Muse♥
I love drumming, probably more than guitar, and I love sports.
I've been playing percussion instruments for 7 years now and guitar for about a year.
I love talking about music , especially alternative: )
The cure, Muse♥ , avenged sevenfold, you name it.
But all in all I'm not that bad of a person as I may seem at first, So
Hold on to me yeah?
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