If anyone's stalking *cough* i mean checking out my profile, please go checkout @LavenderForte and @TwoDerangedDoctors  ..... Back to me 😀

Let's see..... To start off with, I'm a guy.... Aaaaaaaannnnnnddddd a HUGE Sherlock fan(I have soooo much sherlock merch and I wasted my precious study holidays reading the entire series). *cue fanboying*

I'm also a major LOTR and Hobbit fan(I seen and read the movies and the books countless times).

I love reading, as it pretty much ate up a majority of my childhood. Now I've grown so attached to it, that I'm pretty sure I'd lose my mind if I stopped reading for one week(lol jk I'd lose my mind in 2 days). My favourite genre is slice of life.... ya know, those stories that are really chill and don't have much action? yeah that type.

I looove watching manga and reading anime(triggered yet?). My favorite anime: Durarara, Kekkai Sensen, Uchouten Kazoku. If you want more anime recommendations, feel free to ask me 😀😀😀

Hobbies? Drawing, stitching, play the violin 🎻 or guitar 🎸, cooking and listening to music 🎶 and yes, I sing(certified shower singer..... Probably why toilet reaper hasn't come to fetch me yet.... Webtoons anyone?)

Potterhead and a proud Ravenclaw! (BTW Jude Law for young Dumbledore I'M SCREAMING)

Also, I'm Kpop trash. An ahjussi Army. My ultimate bias is Jin(you gotta admit, his dad jokes are funny, and his windshield laugh cleans the windows of my soul), and I got a bias list as huge as Jin's shoulders.

Favorite subject: ALL HAIL BIOLOGY!!!!!!!! (human anatomy to be specific..... And it wouldn't take Sherlock to figure out my dream job)

Things I hate: PHYSICS DAMMIT.😤😠 Cuz me and physics....we just don't work out (see what I did there? no? OK....)

So yeah..... this is me.....😒😒😒
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If anyone sees this i need helpMy library accidentally deleted a book, I forgot the author and the title, but it had something to do with demon kind and desserts? Where jungkook is the demon king an...
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