Some little facts about yours truly:

♥). First and foremost. I'm Jen. :)
♥). I love reading. Clearly, because I’m on this website.
♥). I've recently discovered that I enjoy writing.
♥). I’m working on my very first story and I’m a tad nervous so be gentle if it's a little unorganized and messy.
♥). I like cats. (Well I like most animals really, cats are just my main bitches)
♥). Food and sleep are my absolute best friends in the whole world.
♥). I'm young so don't judge me when I get weird.

Sooo yep...that’s about it.

Have a wondrous day.
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DoTheseMatter DoTheseMatter a year ago
To all 40 of you out there, I posted the first chapter of Her Other Half. Enjoy if you decide to read it! :3
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Her Other Half

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Description: Claire Sinault had always led a fucked up life. Jumping from one foster home to the next wasn’t ideal but she had always kept a good attitude about things. Claire was always a good kid, regardless of her life...


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Story Reading List

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