@Tomboy29 I'm surprised you're surprised I would reply! That says something, something not very comforting. I would like you to know that I try to stay ahead of communications, although responses might not be as immediate as I'd hope.
          	Well, I'm very glad you are interested in diversity, it's lovely to see that. I'm glad you're aware of making mistakes, but try not to let it become an anxiety. We're all bound to make mistakes, it's taking ownership and fixing them that is valuable, so don't worry too much. Just be open to fixing your errors, and you'll be right. 
          	Good luck, dear ally, I hope all goes well with your writing. I hope to see more of you :) 


I think many people are just surprised when accounts that are run by ambassadors for Wattpad answer, because we know how hard you work and we truly appreciate the time you take to respond to our questions.-Iris


@DiverseFiction Oh no, I didn't mean I was surprised like you never reply to anything, because you do! I've noticed the staff is really on top of that. I MEANT that I was surprised that you replied to my comment specifically, I guess I was a little starstruck. (If that makes any sense at all.) And good luck to you as well, dear ally. 


Hello :D,
          I'm very new to wattpad. But the first story i wrote is kinda unconventional in my view. All the characters are lionesses. I tried to be as creative as I could with the terms and names. 
          I would request a quick view and you're valuable comments there. :)


Heads up! Might want to make a stick people can put on their books but also where's the link for this sticker? :P


Hi! I'm currently writing a story called "brought together" and I would love someone to check it out and possibly give me advice. It's a Reverse harem with a female main character who will be pursued by multiple men and a woman. So there will be a gay/lesbian pairing. I'd seriously love any advice that could be offered. :) 


what on earth is diverse fiction??


It's in the description. Diverse fiction basically features people and story lines that differ from the "norm" and what you usually see in English fiction. It means different races as the main protagonists, different kinds of relationships, different sexualities or gender identity in characters and so much more! -Iris