My side account: @Divatheprincess

My episode account: Rose the Flower

An apple a day keeps the doctors away but a cookie a day keeps the doctor to stay☕️🍪🦄

I'm doing Gouda but I could be doing cheddar. 🧀

I hope you have a grate day 🧀

You are Brie-utiful inside and out. 🧀


ℚ͛ ͛& ͛A͛:͛

ℚ : Favorite ice cream?
A: Cookie dough 🍪🍦

ℚ : Favorite show?
A:Modern Family 🎥🍿

ℚ : Favorite animal?
A: PIGS 🐷🐽

ℚ : Favorite color?
A: Pink or rose gold 💗🎀

ℚ : Favorite flower?
A: Rose 🌹🥀

ℚ : Coffee or tea?
A: Kermit's tea ?🐸☕️

ℚ : Favorite celebrity?
A: Beyoncé 👸🏽🐝

ℚ : Can I dance?

ℚ : Whats my name?
A: Oh na na...get the reference?


Hi, I'm @itschanelbitch 's bitch.

I'm right here bitch. 🙋🏾

I'm the ride or die bitch.


...thinking of hashtags


#therandoms 🤪🤩🤨
#maxandrubygang 🐰🤟🏾
#realteable gang ☕️ 😂



♥️February 14th 2018♥️

*throws frisbee*

what the fuck, richard??

i'm washin me and my clothes

she drunk as fuck

BITCH, i'm washin me and my clothes

*jumps skateboard against wall*

ohh my god, he on x games mode

next time you fuckin put a hand on me imma fuckin rip your face off, bitch

what did he do

cuz he fuckin pushed me!!

you ready to fuckin DIE???

i'm a bad bitch you can't kill me!!


CHRIS!! is that a WEED??

no, this is a crayon-

i'm CALLING THE POLICE!! *dials 911 into microwave*

911 what's your emergency

miss keisha? miss keisha?? miss KEISHA!!

oh my fuckin goy she fuckin dead

*kicks robot*

ow, oh, wha- gosh damn, what the hell carl?

so basically like what i was thinking was

*gets punched in the face*

oh fuck, i can't believe you've done this

I'm trying not to curse.

Don't test me.

I have gone 0⃞ days without cursing.

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