Another good one is from my good friend @TheOneAlexGuy I enjoyed this fanfic & I thought you guys would to!


Hey no offence but when are you gonna do the next chapter.


Are you still alive?


I should have the chapter up by tonight, I'm very sorry for the delays in chapters. I hope you guys/gals can bear with me for now. I'm going through a lot so it's not easy. Other than that have a amazing day :)


Sorry for the delays in chapters! Some personal things have been happening & I haven't really been the same since then. One of my only school friends went to combat training for the military & I don't know when I'll see him again. 2 of the greatest people I've met on Twitter have left. Family drama including my mom & dad, so life hasn't really been good to me. I've had no motivation to write these last couple of days. 
          But don't worry, I won't be abandoning my story! I love it too much to not update it, plus the kind words & support on this is amazing! It's making me feel more & more better everyday, so again I'm sorry for the delay in chapters, I'll hopefully have one out today or tomorrow!
          I love you all <3


@Ditto_MeisterCG Who said anything about leaving Twitter?