I'm not going to be coming on Wattpad anymore...sorry. I will leave my fan fiction to read though it isn't completed :(.

I won't be using this account, and so I won't be replying to comments, or PM's e.t.c.

I'm not doing anymore one shots, so I apologise to:






Please go and ask for a 1D one shot from someone else, there are so many accounts doing them :) sorry.

Feel free still to read my one shots, they are just like little fan fictions :D.

I am leaving because I don't have enough time for Wattpad and my fan fiction wasn't being uploaded often enough, and I got too many one shots.

So bye, everyone, especially my fans- thanks for fanning.

Maybe one day I will come back on Wattpad but I don't know...if you want to continue my fan fiction that's cool, but I don't think anyone would want to. What would've happened is Zara would have got a job as a model, become close with Penny and Farah, who would have fallen in love with Liam and Zayn. Zara, Lilly, Layla, Penny and Farah would have all become close friends. It would have ended either with the marriage of Zara and Louis, or their first child/ twins would have been born.

But, anyway, thank you SO much to everyone who read my fan fiction, commented, voted...that means so much and I love you.

Hope you liked the one shots I did and my fan fiction if you did read it.

Bye, and thanks.

P.S: my Twitter account is '@1DJanoskiaans_'' so if you have Twitter follow me and tell me that you are on Wattpad, I'll follow back if you ask.

Bye! :')
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