Typical Teenage girl. I love my friends, and I love my family, but more then anything I love God. When im not at school or at work, or doing homework, I read. I love to read, and to loose myself in a book. This site feeds my obbsession, and its probably not healthy. Or smart when I stay up to all hours of the night reading fanfics when I have school tomorrow. Oh well! 

My friend Sally inspired me to start writing, after helping her get started with her fanfic. Her twitter name is @1Dful_sally , follow her, she is beautiful! She also edits my stories, so many thanks to her, because my spelling is aweful! My twitter is @ReneeArms. Origional! =) Haha. Happy Reading, I would love to hear feedback, or whatever so leave lots of comments! Lot'sa love to all the directioners out there! God bless xoxo!
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