The truth was a million voices screaming in my brain. Everyone's thoughts, no matter how trivial, painted on walls and forced into my head. Meaningless messages broadcasted throughout the world. Millions of duckfaced teenagers congregating in the one place. I was on Facebook. Funny as Hell, it was the most horrible thing I could think of.

Contrary to my profile picture the subject matter I write about is serious, I swear.

I'm the man of 1000 faces, most of them distinctly psychotic. I'm the geek of 1000 RPG handbooks, most of them WoD and D&D. I'm the man of 1000 cooking recipes, and I've gotten past the point where I don't burn cereal. I'm the gamer of 1000 games, of them I've forgotten around 950.

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Check out Letting it Flow and The Trials of Ares!
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Dionysus Dionysus Sep 13, 2011 11:28AM
Yo people, anyone who likes my stories or wants to show them around for a laugh should totally share them around with your mates and fans. C'mon friends, sharing is caring!
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The Trials of Ares

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Description: "At this point all I was doing was working bone and blood into the concrete." The descent into madness and horror of a Veteran and the ensuing battles he faces with his own inner demons.


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