I've written two books, Hollywood East: Louis B. Mayer and the origins of the studio system (Carol Publishing '92) a non-fiction book of film history, and a novel In Theda Bara's Tent. I'm writing short stories now and hope to share them with you. My work has been published in the New York Times, ForbesWoman, StoryQuarterly, American Heritage, Yankee, and many other places. Both of my books are available on Amazon and the novel is available on Kindle. 

I'm the daughter of the late Al Altman, the MGM talent scout who discovered Joan Crawford, Jimmy Stewart, Ava Gardner, Franchot Tone and dozens of other unknown actors who became stars. I grew up in New Rochelle and now live in Manhattan. I went to school at Connecticut College and then to Harvard.

I used to own a horse and I used to write about horses and regret their disappearance. As the store windows get full of saddles and bridles to give clothes a classy feeling, real horses vanish. Bridle paths now have houses on them, stables have been put out of business by insurance demands, and people in New York seem to want carriage horses off the streets. Maybe I should move to Wyoming! Anyway, I have opinions about everything. I'm overflowing with opinions! And I'm argumentative. Don't tell me I'm not.
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Description: In a world where jugglers entertain on the street, a boy loses his parents in a factory fire. Taken from the Lower East Side to New England, Harry is abandoned at The Elizabeth Home for Destitute Children. In Theda Bara’s Tent follows the spirited...

I rarely get excited about thing so much,I have got to order your book, Hollywood East: Louis B. Mayer.  It's basically my ... favorite topic since childhood. Not Mr. Mayer himself necessarily, but the studio system and MGM in particular. You'll actually find some hints of it in my YA fantasy The Lost Heir. The main character's great-grand parents are fictional silent movie stars who own a legendary Hollywood hotel and connected with a fictional studio based on Culver Studios in looks and MGM in history. I just got The Greatest Backlot for Xmas. Two copies by two different people. It's totally my thing. Glad to have stumbled upon your books.  I can't wait to read In Theda Bara's Tent. -- Allison Whitmore