"First off, I'm not interested in ordinary people. But, if any of you are aliens, time-travelers, or espers, please come see me. That is all!" - Haruhi Suzumiya

I'm a Gemini ♊ June 19

Current Anime and Tv watching:

Movies and Shows Excited For:

Lostorage Conflated WiXoss Season 4
The Man in the High Castle Season 3

Favorite Animes:

Attack on Titan
Death Note
Made in Abyss
Scum's Wish
Tokyo Ghoul
*kinda a weird combination huh?

Your Name (Kimi no Na wa)

Favorite Tv shows
Veronica Mars
Stranger Things
Jessica Jones
The Man in the High Castle

Video Games I like are Fire Emblem, Persona, Final Fantasy, Valkyria Chronicles, Resident Evil, etc.

I am a huge DC Comics fan (Favorite Character: Barbara Gordon Batgirl)

Other not so interesting facts
*My go to attire is shorts, flip flops, and light sweater (and yes sometimes with socks...deal with it)
*I like watching cheezy never heard of movies that you rent and think "who the hell comes up with that?"
*Love tabletop games..."Roll for Initiative!"
*Planeswalking, gathering magic
*I call people who I like or people who annoy me muggles (now retired...for the most part)
*I like watching anime that have a thought provoking question or message or the ones that are just freaking awesome.
*I don't think I'm funny, I just tend to speak my mind
*I love the time period where strategy and one's skill with the blade determined the outcomes of wars
*When writing, I usually see the story play out as a movie, anime, or tv show in my head...now if only I could write...

Feel free to converse with me and pm at anytime.
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