I'm DDS and I'm your worst nightmare. 
I'm a slytherin.
I'm born in Australia but I'm part French & Kiwi from my great great great grandad, I'm part British and I'm a bit Canadian & Japanese.
I love FairyTail, Assassination Classroom, Blue Exorcist, Vampire Knight, HSHC, SwordArtOnline.
I love Nalu, Zervis, AmaimonXShiemi, RinXIzumo, MephistoXRandomOC and YuriXSatan.

I hate: Tomato's, Celery, Nali and nalu haters.
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Stories by DevilDragonSlayer
Hogwarts' Exorcist House by DevilDragonSlayer
Hogwarts' Exorcist House Fanfiction
Pairings OC and Mephisto Shiemi and Amaimon Rin and Izumo Draco and Hemoine Harry and Ginny Lucy and END Gray and Juvia Erza and Jellal Laxus and Lisanna Gajeel and Levy Yuri and Satan Mavis and Zeref
The Red Shadow Cat by DevilDragonSlayer
The Red Shadow Cat Fanfiction
Nova is an albino shadow cat in GOT, with her brother JaggedPeak and her sister Y/n. She is adopted by Joffrey Baratheon while JaggedPeak is with Tommen and Y/n with Marcella. She soon gets along with Joffrey after...
Acnologia's Daughter Of Stars by DevilDragonSlayer
Acnologia's Daughter Of Stars Fanfiction
Lucy keeps a deep secret from the guild, she is raised by the 2nd most dangerous dragon in all history of earthland... Acnologia... Natsu, Gildarts, Lucy, Happy, and Cana go on a mission to find him... But a fire d...
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