OHHMYGOODYGODNESS. It's a person. :o
Do you have rainbows? No? YES? Maybe? Whatever...

I'm bi. Who cares? You do? Well I don't care.

I'm old.. ENOUGH. Yeah, cool right? lmao. You'll knoe mah age/name If you're special nuff.

I don't give a shit who you are, I don't even give a damn if your the hottest person ALIVE. I'd still
BITCH SLAP YOU if you steal my rainbows. Same with food. REMEMBER THISS.

I AM FINALLY NO LONGER ALONE WITH MY RAINBOW HUNTING SHIT! I've gotten three badass people to join me. xD

Music.. Yeah I don't have time to tell you guise what Music I listen to,
I'll probably type this out later.. when I have time.. or somethin'. .__.

Mah, POSSE. If I like youu enough you'd be on this list too . FEEL SPECIAL PEOPLE DOWN THERE.

@The_Ultimate_Bitch, She's in on the Rainbow shit. SHE'S A KICK ASS RAINBOW NINJA. Should be careful, I have an injury from her. >.> And maybeh a foursome buddy? LOL

@Xanji93, o_o.. I lost cookie monster AND Spongebob to her. She even declared war on me ffs ._. But she's awesome :3

@Alrissa; <3I'd die for her. She's my best friend on here, I don't think she can be replaced..ever. -__- Don't fuckin, mess with her. SHE IS ALSO MAH RAINBOW UNICORN :3

@MistahhAlexx, MAH FUTURE HUSBAND<33 Yeah, thats right, It isn't future boyfriend anymoe. RAINBOW DERP BUDDIES FTW.

@ADelinquent,. weird anime and yaoi addiction -sigh- But I love her anyways.. She's my badass chocolate bunny buddy.

@ItsJohnn, John holy shiz. Your too cool for mehh, your always so fucking chill. THREESOME SIR (;

Don't be afraid to talk to meh, I don't rape, too hard.
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    Rainbow hunting with my badass friendz
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