People call me Demmarie.
Mostly because that's my name.

•I write books for fun • I quote musicals in everyday life • I'm a beast at Scrabble • I have a soft spot for romance novels • When I was little I thought I was telekinetic • I'm one of those chicks that's far less attractive when you're sober • I'm not extremely cultured • I'm socially awkward • When I get nervous my heart beats so fast I think it's going to explode • I get nervous a lot • Too much pressure makes me hyperventilate • I correct grammar like it's my job • I have a weird fascination with eating disorders • Without spell-check, I'd be screwed • I sing at inappropriate times.•I tend to make horrible decisions.• Self-Esteem isn't in my dictionary. • I can be rather immature at times. • I can be way too mature at time • Racist jokes make my world go 'round • I don't really like meat, but I eat it anyway. • I adore Louis C.K. • I'm not really familiar with a lot of different kinds of music • I pretend to be smarter than I actually am. • I love Invader Zim • I am totally okay with never growing up • I'm incredibly sarcastic • I second guess myself too much • I over-think simple situations • I have this compulsive need to please people • I hate my legs • I try really hard everyday but usually just look "okay" • When people around me whisper, I assume they're making fun of me • I need to learn to chill the hell out.

Is that enough information for you, world?
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