People call me Demmarie.
Mostly because that's my name.

•I write books for fun • I quote musicals in everyday life • I'm a beast at Scrabble • I have a soft spot for romance novels • When I was little I thought I was telekinetic • I'm one of those chicks that's far less attractive when you're sober • I'm not extremely cultured • I'm socially awkward • When I get nervous my heart beats so fast I think it's going to explode • I get nervous a lot • Too much pressure makes me hyperventilate • I correct grammar like it's my job • I have a weird fascination with eating disorders • Without spell-check, I'd be screwed • I sing at inappropriate times.•I tend to make horrible decisions.• Self-Esteem isn't in my dictionary. • I can be rather immature at times. • I can be way too mature at time • Racist jokes make my world go 'round • I don't really like meat, but I eat it anyway. • I adore Louis C.K. • I'm not really familiar with a lot of different kinds of music • I pretend to be smarter than I actually am. • I love Invader Zim • I am totally okay with never growing up • I'm incredibly sarcastic • I second guess myself too much • I over-think simple situations • I have this compulsive need to please people • I hate my legs • I try really hard everyday but usually just look "okay" • When people around me whisper, I assume they're making fun of me • I need to learn to chill the hell out.

Is that enough information for you, world?
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Stories by Demmarie
A Chance in Hell by Demzikinz
A Chance in Hell Adventure
For us, it wasn't an earthquake that ended it. It wasn't a hurricane, or a tsunami, or a meteor. It was just us. It wasn't any sort of freak natural disaster that led to the collapse of Sara's life as she knew it...
I F******g Hate Jackson Aldason by Demzikinz
I F******g Hate Jackson Aldason Romance
[NOTE: RATED R FOR EXCESSIVE SWEARING AND SUGGESTIVE THEMES.] It really wasn't her fault, what happened. But with her Mom stuck in a jail-cell, Lola needs some help to pay the rent. While most people's biggest fear...
Disorderly Intentions by Demzikinz
Disorderly Intentions Random
THINGS TO REMEMBER: 1) Bones are clean and pure. Fat is dirty and tainted. 2)Starving shows will power. You are stronger than everyone else. 3)You will be fat if you eat today. Vanessa knows her body and her disord...
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