"Psychologically? Yes, it could be a cause. But its definitely not an excuse," ~me

I'm a dreamer. I'm an individual. 'All writers are crazy' my brother says and I'm half-way there. I have faith, sometimes I don't have much hope. But I'm curious. I'm curious about the world, about me, about you, about us. I'm complicated. I don't judge. There's no right and wrong in my world. There are just people who lie to themselves and those who don't. I believe in freedom. That's my idea. It drives me. But I also believe in love and love is how I breathe.


And all my wonderful readers, thank you for seeing my world. Thank you for helping me shape it.

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Dysfunctional Chpater 10 is up my loves <3 as promised!
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Me Without You

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Description: --Sequel to Alex Vs. Alex-- "Don't go," he breathed as his forehead collided with mine. I lifted my lids to gaze into his dark, piercing orbs. They were glazed with a yearning, an ache and a fear that neither...

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The Castaway

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~A Short Story of Love and Faith~

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