Hey you!

Yeah you!

The one read this weird af bio😂

I'm Demoniquë.......(not really)

You can call me whatever you want cuz I don't care and possibly don't hear you.😁

I consider myself as :

1.Book reader (duh😂) or as my friends put it "booknerd"

2.Music listener (usually pop or BTS but it depends on the mood😂)

3.Introvert (the only in the family sadly😐😂)

4.Chocolate addicted (who isn't?)

5.Food consumer (FOOD!)

6.A sucker for bad boys (sigh dramatically)

7.Harry Potter lover (Draco is bae)

8.Has a weird liking to the grim ripper (that scythe tho..damnnn)

9.Sarcastic, sassy, snappy when low on sugar

10.Run on sugar (usually chocolate)

And some useless stuff that I don't want to bore you with. Ohhhh one more thing, I'm have a big imagination but can't write😭

Sooooo that pretty much it ladies and gentlemen.

Thanks for reading this and adieu my friends

*sadly I don't know French😭
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