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VERY IMPORTANT: I don't take requests anymore.

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. – Oscar Wilde.

Currently 25. French (feel free to point any mistakes out). Tend to turn everything into a joke (even myself). Easy to talk to. Not afraid of criticism.

I don't have a favorite genre but I tend to read stories that involve romance, humor and/or fantasy.

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♣ The (Not So) Perfect Wedding series:
I Married the Groom (Ongoing)
The Family Tradition (Upcoming)

"No matter what anyone says, I will always write what I love and love what I write and nothing will change that."

Surely the job of fiction is to actually tell the truth. It's a paradox that's at the heart of any kind of storytelling. – Jeremy Northam

eBooks I've published:

- "Hunting Party" (in English)

- "Chasse ouverte" (in French)
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Demgie Demgie Jun 22, 2014 03:33PM
The Liar's Paradox is now available for purchase on Amazon for those of you who are interested. :)
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Chasse ouverte (La Meute de Garval, Tome 1)

Social data: 2.1K reads. 56 votes. 7 comments.

Description: Une guerre fait rage depuis des millénaires entre chasseurs et êtres surnaturels. Si les chasseurs sont de moins en moins nombreux, leur dévotion à exterminer ces « monstres » n’a jamais perdu de son ardeur. A...

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Hunting Party (House of Wolves, Book 1)

Hunting Party (House of Wolves, Book 1)

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A war has been raging for millennia between hunters and supernatural creatures. If there are fewer and f...

The Liar's Paradox

The Liar's Paradox

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Stella has never lied. It’s true. Until Erick Grant broke her heart. She has had a secret crush on him s...

The (Not So) Perfect Wedding, Book 1: I Married the Groom

The (Not So) Perfect Wedding, Book 1: I Married the Groom

71.2K 1.8K 335

Jade Parker swore that she would never get married. Even after she caught her baby sister’s bridal bouqu...

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Story Reading List

Story Reading List