About me? Well, its always hard to write something about you when you really dont know yourself eh?
So here's a shot at it.
I'd like to describe myself as someone who talks less but thinks more. Reads more between the lines than between the covers. Spontaneous by nature and boring to many, wouldn't be surprised if people called me zany. I'm that kinda person who judges a book by its cover (topic to be precise). And then lastly, well, if all of you reading this aren't completely readers, i'd like to add, music is like oxygen to me!
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Someone's Little Wiener

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Description: Erotica poem #2

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A World Full of Illusion

A World Full of Illusion

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What is the real meaning of us being here?

Better Infidel Half

Better Infidel Half

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Dirty Little Maid.

Dirty Little Maid.

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This is my first foray in erotica. Hope you'll like it, open to criticism :)

the Man, the Woman and Life.

the Man, the Woman and Life.

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