Why doesn't Wattpad have a horde of stories talking about patriarchy, Islamophobia or other political issues? 

Why do our female protagonists always have to be clumsy, dumb virgins and the boys always arrogant and smirking assholes who have fucked every girl they ever laid their eyes on (and who, not to mention, are also equally dumb)?

Why are they living in a world exactly like ours but in their world, only an exaggerated, perfect love has a place? Why is there no war? Why is there no fear of being shot just because someone can't even tolerate the colour of someone else's skin?

What is this obsession with a clean, perfect world where everyone fits in all too neatly?

And why are we avoiding all these questions?

Hi, so I am an angsty youth with 29385392 grievances against the world, the 29385393rd being processed at the moment as Indian activists are getting jailed under Draconian laws. Having had this account since 2017, I have now read enough Wattpad books to absolutely detest the word 'mansion' (its existence is on my hitlist). Not to be condescending, but in my opinion, we can all move on from writing *exclusively* about stinking rich teens and CEOs of the biggest companies and explore the realities of life while still indulging in a little daydreaming.

I am an extreme planner with an obscene amount of Excel sheets, Dhruv Sehgal's Instagram feed has my heart and one day I want the confidence to be able to pull off bangs.

Find me on Instagram to follow my journey as a writer, book reviews, memes, angry rants, pop culture recommendations and much more as we explore Indian culture together! Link is below:
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Anyone willing to be a beta reader for M3? For basic grammatical errors and if you're up for it, any bit of sentence structure which seems jarring to you. But mainly basic grammatical errors like typ...
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