My real name is not for anyone to know but call me Grey (no not the Fairy Fail one). I'm a 15 year old American/Southern Girl that loves Music, Anime, Manga, my dashound, and of course FANFICTION!! Other than that everything else is none of your business! lol 



I believe that you should stand up for what you believe in, and not let the people around you define who, or what, you are. And that we should stand up for the ones that are being beaten down or that need help, one little word or action, can change the world. I believe and accept everybody for who they are.

Black, White, Gay, Straight, Girl, Guy, Emo, Delinquent, Nerd, Prep, Jock, Singer, Businessmen, We are all equals! Nobody's life matters more than someone else's. There is no such thing as black and white only Gray. Very few people are able to see Gray but I do and I believe in it from the bottom of my heart. God sees everyone as his child and a father loves their child no matter what he or she does, and can forgive them for anything from the smallest to the the biggest mistake.

The person with the biggest smile is only wanting to be saved,
The person that always laughs has the most scars,
The person that cheers you up is the one screaming the loudest,
Before you judge someone for something they did know the whole story and the reason behind it,
Don't blame before you listen.

God loves all of us equally and you can't assign exceptions to that rule just because people are different from you. We're all different, every person on the planet is unique in their beliefs, their color and the way they love. That's what makes the world such an inspiring, exciting place to live in despite the cruelty and the horror that goes hand in hand with it.

I love you all

Stay Beautiful!

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Hi, yes hello. I don't usually do this so forgive me if I sound awkward, but this is something that needs to be done. I am sick and tired of some of you hating on my partner. She doesn't mind comment...
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