Chapter 21 of A Casual Entanglement is now published! I’m also drunk! Yay!


Could you please follow me back please 


My first paranormal series and I loved it !!!! Was I scared yes ...did I laugh yes....did I cry yes....and I upset I binged read it YES !!!! great job 


I literally bawled my eyes for over half n hour after finishing ( suitable gentlemen) this book in one day, oh i literally swooned over this book and it's characters, in starting i was so frustrated over Rosie's decisions ah so much that freaking pulled my hair out but gradually , the only thing i cared about is the next ch and now it's over and i am left craving for more, while debating what the heck i should do with myself now .... 


I just have this, you know, mixed feelings now. You ruined all the romcom n chicklit books for me! I think nothing will come close to your book now! It was THAT AWESOME! Thank you!


Haha awww, thanks so much! ❤️


Guys, gals, and everyone in-between - I’m looking for beta readers for A SUITABLE GENTLEMAN!
          If you’d be interested in reading the story with a critical eye and sharing some feedback on it, please shoot me a DM! ❤️ 
          (I’m also super keen to hear from anyone who’s already read it on Wattpad, and has any thoughts, suggestions, critiques etc. to share) 


@AsaSensi Aw thanks! I’m always looking to improve ❤️


@Dear_Rhian i gotta say
            It’s a really good feature that you ask your readers for criticism 
            Bcuz that’s how you’ll learn and improve your writing 
            And you’re not afraid of it, that’s so brave of you♥️.


Hi! I’ve read your book, A Suitable Gentleman, and it’s amazing!
          I’m a writer and I’ve seen that you’re a Wattys winner! I want to enter my book for the Wattys! So I kinda got a little confused on taking the pledge and stuff… along with putting the sticker on my cover. 
          If you can’t help, that’s okay! I just love connecting with my favorite authors :)
          THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are truly amazing :)