Hey there, I'm willem 
I've been writing since 2007 and one of the main things in my writing would be my collection of psychedelic poetry.
I have an account on Deviantart under the same name as this one and most of my works there are signed "Psychedelic Poetry since 2007
Allways mind over matter
Yours truly
DeadXwriterXmaraveno "
or something of the kind
I think I will continue that here
Anyway I'm 16 living in landgraaf Netherlands and continuing writing till I drop :)

In myths , Fables, Legends, hymns , Saga's
certain poetry and most books
The hero is the most important thing to the whole book

To me the hero is one of the most easy people to write and you could swap him/her out for anyone else at any time
So when I write a story and you go read it please don't go all fanboy cause I just might go and kill off your hero

"every piece of writing is autobiographic" ~my mentor

So yeah that whole idea above there kind of shows what Kind of person I am to
As the heroes tend to resemble their creator a little
(Even a real life war hero does that :P)

So anyway further information would include :

I'm a guy who tries to save the world person by person... If you have problems I'll always be there for you.

My writing tends to not keep to rules and regulations, But that's my liberty as a writer I believe
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Deadxwriterxmaraveno Deadxwriterxmaraveno Apr 09, 2011 04:44PM
@hafii_tafee_101  Sure :)
      @chynajade  you're welcome ;3
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