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DeJaMonet-Ortiz DeJaMonet-Ortiz Apr 06, 2016 06:07PM
New Book with all of my story ideas! I need everyone's help to vote for your favorite story. Which ever story idea gets the most votes is the story that I will complete!
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Description: These are each of my ideas. Which ever story gets the most VOTES and COMMENTS will be the story that I put the MOST ATTENTION on.

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Lessons on Love (L.O.L.) {Watty Awards 2012}

Lessons on Love (L.O.L.) {Watty Awards 2012}

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It's crazy how this world seems to work. It's gotten so crazy that you need "permission" to lo...



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Maggie Allen is Miss Perfect. At least that's how everyone sees her. She has a lot of friends, she gets...

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