I was on the outside (looking in) 
Wondering where do I (go from here)
I wanna show the world my (time is now)
I won't hold back
I'm comin out

Because tonight I'm so inspired
I feel the beat it takes me higher
To break free is my desire
This is the new me

(Brit & Alex- Let it go)

By the way, my name is DeJa. DJ is my common nickname, but I have lot's of them.

I've been trying to break my own shell of shyness for a while now since I like to act.

Apparently I could still use some work since I still take myself a little too serious.

I'm a perfectionist and a hopeless romantic.

I also can't seem to get out of my head. My brain seems to wear the pants in this relationship.

I laugh a lot because it's better than crying. Who wants to cry about nothing???

I'm a sweetheart and very accepting of people.

It seems like I'm trying to sell myself on here now so I'll stop...

Oh yeah, read, comment, and vote for my stories. Become a fan, and maybe even a friend.
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Description: After being at the absolute lowest point of my life there was no place else to go but up. But during my climb to the top I began to fall back down to old habits and my past haunting me by repeating itself. This is me letting go of all of the baggage...


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