Wow its been like 4 years. Just found your books from when I first read them in 2018- back when there was only books 1 and 2 lol. Hope you're doing okay, from the A/Ns it sounded like you were at Uni. Hope you're doing well in whatever profession it is you're doing, and just in general. If you've lost the account, then I hope you find it one day and update us, because you were a great writer back then and no doubt are even better now


It's been three years, Did you lost your account, or been to busy to updated. You don't have to updated the stories if you don't want to. It is your choice.  but we are kinda worried,  just tell us if you done. Maybe someone could adopt your story? 


Hi are you okay? I hope that you are doing well, you haven't updated in a while, like a really long while, if something has gone on in your life then I'm sorry and I'm not trying to be inconsiderate to you. I really loved and still do love the harry potter series of books you are doing, you are an incredibly amazing writer and I do hope that you will keep writing.


Hey lovely human, accept my cuddles! ❤️
          Post this on everyone you care about’s wall, because everyone deserves love.
          It doesn’t matter how many people you get back because all you need to know is, I love you and support you with my whole being, no matter what <3 ( unless you pull a Jeffrey Dahmer-)
          Please try not to break the love chain!
          I love you ❤️