Hello people of my universe. My username is Dazed_Creepypasta, but you can call me D-C, or author-chan (like every OTHER original author). Anyways, if you should know, I like Creepypasta, Anime, Gravity Falls, Drawing, and I am single. (Heh heh, JK, I'm TOO young to date you pervs and pedophiles.) Anyways, I should tell you now, that I don't ship any Creepypastas together, and I definitely don't want you shipping my OC's (which is in the My Drawings book), since it's my decision whether or not I want to ship them. Oh! And don't forget to read my works (duh!), since I want to be an author and this is sorta like practice... So yeah. That's pretty much it, so have fun reading my stories. I will try and update weekly if I can, and if not I am open to any complaints about my release schedule, or some constructive criticism towards my stories, so I can improve. And thanks for checking out my account! ;) (You can also find me on DeviantArt, at AnimeCutieX,(Tumblr, at DazedCreepypasta,)(And the Creepypasta Amino at DazedCreepypasta))
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In the Eyes of a Forest by Dazed_Creepypasta
In the Eyes of a Forest
10 years ago, Janette Davidson disappeared without a trace in the Wattson Forest. Since then, 7 more disappea...
Bloody Romance (Jeff the Killer x Reader) (ON HOLD) by Dazed_Creepypasta
Bloody Romance (Jeff the Killer x...
You were invited to the biggest party of all of university. But when you get there, no one is alive except fo...
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