Ladies and Gents I'm back, I'm ready, and I've actually got some free time here and there ;) I'm gonna read through all my old stuff, get re-aquainted, you know. Then I'll finish all the stories I've started (I know, WAY overdue!). After that I think I'll retire from the fan fiction game and get into some real writing. So far I've started reading my old stuff, and it looks like I've got a ways to go before I could ever actually get anything published so I'd better get started young!


Hey, love your profile pic 
          But instead of “try to save the world”
          It should totally be just “save the world”
          Cause that’s was Percy does!!


Hey, just out of curiosity, are you planning on finishing The Revivers? I started it literally three years ago and I still love it to this day...


OMG!!! I thought you said you quit writing fanfics. On FF.net!!!! Yay! I read your Goode stories and they were amazing!!!


Please finish writing the Revivers fanfic!!!! Pretty please with a cherry on top!!!! I loved that fanfic so much!!! It is my absolute favorite!!! Please finish it.............