Sup! Name's Finn(They/them please, he/him works too though, I guess...), I'm 16 which means I'm in highschool, which means tests and other "fun" things, so I might not always be able to update!

I spend all my time writing, singing, drawing, wishing I wasn't single and trying to rp with my friends.

Speaking of rp, if you're still reading this please feel free to PM me, I'm chill if you just wanna talk, and I'm also ALWAYS down for an rp, I'll, probably, reply

[x] Online
[] Offline
[x] Daydreaming
[x] Stargazing
[x] Wanting to die
[] Watching anime
[] Watching Eddsworld
[] Writing
[] Drawing
[] Sleeping
[x] In fandom hell

And speaking of fandoms, heres a list of some I am in:
-Fruits Basket
-Youtube... Just, in general
-Steven Universe
-Probably every anime ever.
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DaybreakDares DaybreakDares Sep 08, 2017 01:19AM
I HIGHLY regret telling you guys I took that pacer test today, I have 13 notifications and I'm p sure half of them are you all copying and pasting the script from it, lmao, I love you guys, but come...
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