A few facts about mio

pet peaves...
-Running on rocks
-Trying to walk against traffice

I love...
-to draw
-playing sports(Cross-country running, voleyball, basketball, badminton, track and feild, skiing, snowboarding, cross-countrty skiing, swimming, rugby, etc.)
Status: (2012-2013) Cross-country: Second place in the freezing cold.
Vollyball: Made it on the cities team.
(2011-2012) Basketball: Fail
Badminton: 2nd place in a grade above mine. Skills ;)
Track and Field: 2nd in hurdles and 1500m and 3rd in long jump. 2nd place overall
-hanging with ma besties
-wattpad <3

interesting facts...
-I'm am currently learning french and attempting to teach myself japanese.
-I am a bit of a perfectionist
-I have OCD, anxiety and am possibly bipolar.
-I have a twin sister
-I own 3 dogs, 1 gecko and lots of fish

If anyone needs a cover for there book pleasse contact me if you so choose so. I am also taking up editing so fire away.

Merci beaucoup <3
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    Middle Earth
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    Aug 17, 2011 07:14AM
DawnArt DawnArt Oct 08, 2012 05:26AM
Hey guys. I've decided to delete this account because it's not really working. Don't fret though. I am going to create a new one. I shall let you know what my username will be when I come up with it...
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