I write and daydream far too much for someone of my age, but it does entertain my wife and daughters...so all is not lost.

I have four novels published, a collection of short stories, idle thoughts and articles so far and more likely to follow.
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Stories by David Temrick
Mistress Evelyn by DavidTemrick
Mistress Evelyn Fantasy
I'm participating in the reddit //fantasywriters September 2016 Monthly Writing Challenge (details below). This is my work in progress, please feel free to comment/critique your little hearts away. "Your Chal...
Rebel Queen by DavidTemrick
Rebel Queen Fantasy
Dragonkin Chronicles - Book 1 The story for Rebel Queen was born from a natural curiosity in how life was proceeding on Amesdia. I spent so many years there and spent so much time conceiving of the dragons that pop...
Daughter of Vengeance by DavidTemrick
Daughter of Vengeance Fantasy
The idea for Daughter of Vengeance came to me in a very odd way. I was attending a funeral for a friend and during her eulogy, her brother-in-law told us how she had stopped breathing for a few seconds. After she'd...