Been a member for years, but haven't done much here as yet.

This year though I have set myself the enjoyable task of getting serious about writing, both scripts and novels so am intending to try and be a lot more active.

I directed TV drama for years and wrote a little, this ended when a series I directed and co-wrote won a best drama Bafta. Such a perverse world.

I write such a range of stuff; don't like getting pigeonholed much so when I've done one genre I always want to do something different. My work consequently is a little varied, but I'm told it is well written and eclectic. There is also usually some kind of non naturalistic aspect which forms a key part of the story. For example, in the three novels mentioned below they are, a ghost, the angel of death and the wreck of a ship hundreds of miles from the sea.

'The Haunted Dictator' is a piece of magic realism, based on a play that The Soho theatre and Hampstead Theatre both liked. It's a dark semi surreal comedy which I've published on Amazon and it's had some nice reviews.

'Dark Glass' is a psychological horror which I am also making into a film, even made a trailer with John Hannah that you can view on my website. http://www.davidskynner.com/site/film/dark-glass-2/ The novel is also available on Amazon and other sellers, self published again.

Currently working on various scripts and a more ambitious original novel called 'What Matters', which I have submitted to Unbound. Will pop some chapters up here soon.

Live in Surrey, two sons, loving writing more and more each day and would so appreciate it if you wanted to look at my stuff and let me know what you think, vote etc.

Love to receive others recommendations too.


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Story by David Skynner
The Haunted Dictator by DavidSkynner
The Haunted Dictator
In the parliament square of a country listlessly crumbling under the immovable yoke of a malign administratio...