I'm an avid reader. The 6000 plus books in my room might tend too make that an easy guess. I've been a writer most of my life too. So hopefully you will be hearing a lot of me for Sci Fi,mystery and war fiction.
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Project Blackthorne

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Description: There is Torchwood in the Empire. Then there is Project Blackthorne in the Colonies. Blackthorne is a private contractor that investigates the truely weird things that the Men In Black thought were only stories. The team at Blackthorne are a special...


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The Society -The Dark Creature Come Out Too Play.

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Just lost Chapter 18. CHRIST! will Wattpad every get this dang site straight. I am not bummed as I didn't like it. So REWRITE! Sorry. Bare with me. Thanks.
Bare with me. I have been working lot at my other word. Project Blackthorne is still popping. You will see some stuff in Chapter 18 you saw in Chapter 14 when I lost the entire Chapter. There will be some tweaks too the chapter 18 as well as some name changes. But basically the same line. So I'm not losing. I'll get it caught up. Thanks for Reading. Hugs too all.
Chapter 15 was shorter cause the Wattpad Tech said too shorten from 10,000 words too 5.000 or less. It does seem too work a little better. So more Chapters Yippie!!!!!!!!!!! Chapter 16 is opening up pretty good. Hope you all still enjoy. Thank You for Reading!!!!!
Bare with AGAIN! Wattpad tech's tell me my chapter are TOO LARGE!!! Story of my life. I'm rewriting Chapter 15 but it will be shorter from here on out. The story will still be there. Where I was shooting for 25 to 30 chapter. I guess I'll have too shoot for a little longer. Thank You all for reading. I'm writing as fast as I can. Hugs too all.
To all my followers of Project Blackthorne.
      If wattpad is not able too bring Chapter 15 back cause they LOST IT AGAIN. I am rewriting it yet again. It will take me longer too post cause I am losing faith with Wattpad's abilities too fix this freaking problem. Bare with me. More is coming. Thank you for reading.