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The following content is super dope and may cause orgasms and loud gasps of awesomeness. You have been warned but with that said, welcome to the Madverse of David Edyn.

Just another nigga writing bullshit online.

✪ The Erks ✪
✤ Yo please don't flirt with me online, I'm not interested.
✤ Don't ask me to be your mentor because I don't know shit.
✤ Be more Real than you do Professional. I can give a fuck less how famous you are. We're writers, not Gods, calm the fuck down.

Zodiac: Aries
Favorite Food: Pussy
Favorite Movie: Backstreet Sluts 12
Favorite Song: That one where the nigga mumbles for 3 minutes.
Favorite Color: Royal Blue

I'm an Author who doesn't like Reading so fuck u.
But if I had to choose the best...
I'd say those Angel Assassins Books.
That Author a beast.

Want your story promoted?
Just Message Me! :D

Overall, I just want to Welcome you to a place where all worry and bullshit can be set aside.
Just relax, get yourself some hot coco and enjoy some pretty epic books.
And with that said, Welcome to Wattpad.
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Angel Assassins by DavidEdyn
Angel Assassins Action
A Rogue Team of Teenage Killers are assigned to kill demons in the name of God. The team is lead by the Edyn Brothers, Asher and Zadyn, with both of them having one precise goal, to kill their father Lucifer.
Angel Assassins 2 by DavidEdyn
Angel Assassins 2 Action
The Worldwide Phenomenon Returns in the Epic Sequel to the Worst Selling Book of All Time! After the epic events of the first book, The Angel Assassins must now face a more dangerous foe.
Angel Assassins 3 by DavidEdyn
Angel Assassins 3 Action
The Third Installment to the Epic Worst Selling Novels of All Time! The Angel Assassins are faced with a foe more deadly than the last, for this time, everyone will die. Welcome to Angel Assassins III
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