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The Following Content is Super Dope and Contains Graphic Material.

Yo wassup, I'm David Edyn and I'm going to become the Worst Author in the World, cuz fuck you. I will become a mothafuckin Millionaire by texting bullshit online....so yeah :P

If you want your story promoted then just message me.

"Fuck David Edyn, Harry would kick his ass"
- J.K. Rowling

"David Edyn is like a tumor....he gets on my nerves"
- James " Pattyflipper" Patterson

"I know damn well this bitch ass nigga ain't tryna take my spot"
- Anna Todd

"David Edyn is a pain in my fat ass"
- Cassandra Clare

"My books are fucked up but I ain't fuckin with David Edyn"
- Stephen King

"Look David Edyn is a Dick, but I'd fuck the shit out his crazy ass, shiiiiiieeeet"
- Veronica Roth

"Game of Thrones was actually a kid friendly novel until I met David Edyn"
- George R.R. Martin

"Nigga I came back from the mothafuckin dead to tell yall this David Edyn guy ain't shit!"
- William Shakespear

"David Edyn is the Shit"
- David Edyn

Favorite Fictional Character: Gaara (duh)
Favorite Quality in People: Insanity
Favorite Color: Blood
Favorite Song: Malukah - Reignite
Favorite Movie: Evil Dead (2013)
Favorite Video Game: Alice Madness Returns
Favorite Book Character: Luna Lovegood
Occupation If I Wasn't A Writer: Serial Killer >:P
Favorite TV Show Character: Dexter Morgan
Favorite Emotion: Calmly Emotionless
Most Respected Trait in People: Courage
Zodiac: Aries
Favorite Author: David Edyn :P
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