My whole life is about standing out from crowds and being "different". I don't care if I'm called "weird" or "don't fit in"... cause I make friends in people who like me for me... for who I am and what I stand for... and that in one word is originality... in fact to me the "weird" people are those who try to be like everyone else...

Now that we've got that cleared up...

<3 <3 <3 I LOVE videogames!!! (Mostly fantasy RPGs such as Fable2 and Dragon Age... but all videogame genres and I sit tight together so it's all good! :)
I am ToTaLlY RaNdOm in many different wayz! :D
I am scene...
I have a warrior's heart... (I am brave, kind, "dauntless" etc.)
I am led to believe by many different sources that I am a good friend... <3
<<<I STAND OUT!!>>>
My name is "Dauntless Reflection" because I am fearlessly attempting (and succeding) to be the very reflection of originality! :)
I am the lead singer in a band...
"Sparrow" is meh hero name!!
I love all music genres <3
My fav song is "She Will Be Loved" by meh fav band Maroon 5!!
I am artsy and creative...
Even though I am right brain dominant, I am right handed :/
I want to marry a brittish guy <3
I am DEEP as the OCEAN ~~~~~~
I am christian!!!
Imma Rebel!!
I can't dance...
I swordfight and larp :P
I memorize every word to every good song I hear more than twice...

And I am absolutely and 100% me!!!
Take THAT universe!!! XD

My COMPLETE AND UTTER RaNdOmNeSs may cause you to impulsively hit that sexy star that is the fan button! :D

Navigating away from this page may cause the following:
Internal bleeding
Dilusions or Hysteria
Suicidal thoughts
SpOnTaNiOuS CoMbUsTiOnS!!!!!!!

Follow me on Tumblr... Doesn't matter if you're here or there, I ALWAYS follow back xD

Ps. I ADORE comments... ALL feedback is positive... so please leave some <3

-Your Fellow Hooligan XD <3
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DauntlessReflection DauntlessReflection Dec 01, 2013 04:06PM
@rcalixte49 is supremely awesome! Check them out y'all!
            -Your Fellow Hooligan
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