Hey guys! 

I like stories that have romance, dramas,happy ending and most probably is a werewolf book. I am waiting for my mate even though werewolves aren't true and I wish it were and it is because I know nobody will love me and will be forever be single.

I love food and animals more than humans. I gave up humanity years ago. I also like music. They are my life and to practically get out of reality and go to my fantasy world. I like playing games like Minecraft, Yandere Sim, and more. I like handsome dudes with a good attitude, I mean like, who wants a hot dude but treats you like trash? No one right? I also is obsessed with stuff toys. I have many of them in my bed. Thats all I can write for now.
Also, Please kindly check the profiles I follow. They have great stories and I think you may like some of them.
Have a great day everybody!😊
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