I grew up in a very small town in Pennsylvania. Went into the Army in 1983. Traveled, Germany, Korea, Antarctica. Have since settled in central Pennsylvania and have been at my job as a dockworker for 22 years. I am a father of three. 
I love to write. I have notebook filled with ideas.
My finished works are: "The First Book of Kalendeck" and "The Second Book of Kalendeck." are epic fantasy stories for young adults.
"The Red Queen's Gamble" is also for young adults. My son who is 11 now has read it twice already.
"Darken French Road" is a tragic romance novel. People who have read it tell me that it should come with a box of tissues. My niece's reading and now and she loves it. I have to tell you honestly that there are parts in it that still give me a pain in the chest and a tear in my eye.
"Hopscotch" is a story about a serial killer who kills the same woman again and again and again...
I have many other projects on the back burner eagerly awaiting my attention. Thanks so much for stopping by.
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Dasherwood Dasherwood Aug 05, 2012 01:10AM
Not a problem. I look forward to reading your work. 
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