When it comes down to story telling, the problem is is that some stories, aren't original. They don't have a solid and original plot. Sure, you can change the characters around to make it seem like that the story's new, but you can't change the plot.

That's why I assume fan-fiction is so popular among teenagers. You can take characters from past movies, TV shows, and books and slip them into a different situation all together. What you create isn't just fun. You create your own little fandom.

So that's what I'm here to do. I will create fan-fiction, and I will even try to create original work. So when you see my books being posted, know that I am trying to create a world that you all wish you were in.

Name: Dark or Naomi
Gender: Female
Animal: Cat, lizard and wolf
Age: 18
Favorite Book series: Warrior Cats
Favorite Movie: How to Train Your Dragon 1&2
Favorite TV show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)

Book currently updating: Colored Dawn
Book to plan on updating: Night's Star
New Book Idea: Another RP book

Where are you usually found: FeralHeart
What do you do: Role Play
Who's your character: Nessy, Depalk, Darky, and soon-to-be West
Favorite person: Korcher

Okay. Now shoo and read. Or write your own books. But know that if you do ask me to read, I probably won't until a year from now. I'm more of a writer. But if I do check it out and I like your style of writing then I will continue to be interested and read more. Soon, you may see comments.

Now have a good day!
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@RowlingsGirls_22 I don't know... I consider you as friend. :3
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