A million masks but only one person. Long since gone but still walking. I am a man of many words but few ways to say them. My name is not important, so don't try and pry at it. I am a pretty laid back person, and I love music. I play bass, and write in my free time. I still attend school, and it sucks. If you want someone to talk to I can be there. Well that's about all, well I'm out.

Top 3 Bands(genre):
1. Dope (Industrial Metal)
2. Bullet For My Valentine (Screamo)
3. Sum 41 (Punk)

Top 3 Manga Series:
1. Death Note
2. Rosario+Vampire
3. Vampire Knight

Top 3 Animes:
1. Death Note
2. D. Gray-Man
3. Soul Eater

These are some great people to look at.
My little sister's page http://www.wattpad.com/user/LillyDavis23
And a good friend of mine's page http://www.wattpad.com/user/Stitched_IsaoM
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A Collection of Stories From A Masked Man

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Description: A collection of stories that I have written. Enjoy yourself, some of these stories are happy, some are sad, all will be left to your opinion.


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Story Reading List

Story Reading List