A little bit about myself:

1.I'm a weird-o
2.I like Broadway music (although I've never gone to Broadway)
3.I'm a tomboy
4.I FUCKING love video games.
5.Writing is my outlet
6.I love all YouTuber stars (They are all amazing)
7.I like the color black
8.I like being alone
9.I love people for who they are
10.I hate green peas -.-
11.Love anime ;3

Things you will find in my books:

1.Crazy shit
2.Lots of laughs
3.Love,love,love and more love (and maybe some smexy time ;D)

Things I hate:
2.Pushy people
3.Bitches and Douches

Favorite types of books:
1.As long as it's good,I'm happy

"If you don't want to be criticized,do nothing,say nothing,be nothing" ~Socrates

"Everybody has a key and lock inside of them,you just have to find which one's fits in your lock and who's door you open" ~Unknown

"Everyone wheres a mask,even the ones who look perfectly happy." ~Unknown
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    In my imaginary world o3o
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Darkgirl8 Darkgirl8 Mar 28, 2016 12:32PM
Chapter 15 (April 4 2016)
            Chapter 16 (April 11 2016)
            Chapter 17??? (??????)
            Those are the dates for the last chapters of Mad!Cry. Thank you all for your support,see ya'll soon!!!
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