"Do what the fuck you want. Stand for what the
fuck you believe in and don't let nobody
tell you you can't do what the fuck you want
I'm a unicorn.
Fuck anyone who say's I'm not."

█ 10% Sane!
██ 20% Paying attention!
███ 30% Perfectionist!
████ 40% Goldfish!
█████ 50% Scottish!
██████ 60% Insane!
███████ 70% Japanese music lover!
████████ 80% Obsessed with anything anime!
█████████ 90% Writer!
██████████ 100% My own self!!

Nihao nyan
Goojasu, Desishasu, Dekaruchaa! ♫
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Through My Veins.

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Description: "No matter how many pills I take, No matter how deeply I cut, Not matter how long I hang. I just can't die." Annie Karthew has lived a hard life from daily beatings from her mother and terrible friends. One day she gets sick and tired of living. S...


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