Hello! I'm just a small girl with a big imagination. As soon as I figure out how to create stories on this thing (sad ik) I'll be publishing chapters! ^~^

My stories will mostly either be about TGH (The Guardian Herd by the heartfelt inspirer, Jennifer Lynn Alvarez) WOF (Wings of Fire from the breathtaking artist Tui T. Sutherland), and I'm also currently writing a love novel about the two Pokemon Umbreon and Espeon. Hope you enjoy my stories!

The time I was birthed: 30th Jan, 8:40 AM

Interesting things about yours truly: eh I'm not that special, I'm just any other person. I guess a few things worth listing about me are:
1: I have a dog called Lilly
2: My mum's mum grew up in Greece and got around by riding a donkey that she named Kitso (true!)
3: I can bend my thumb back in a weird way (SKILLZ)
4: I am a HUGE fan of Tui T. Sutherland's Wings of Fire (WoF/Waffles), Jennifer Lynn Alvarez's The Guardian Herd and Riders of The Realm (TGH and ROTR) (ROTR out 1st May this year!!!), and Enid Blyton's The Naughtiest Girl series (ELIZABETH X JULIANNNNNNN I SHIP ENID BLYTON CHARACTERS IM SO LONELY)
5: My favourites!!
Favourite colour: PURPEL or pretty much any colour
Favourite drink: COKE
Favourite pastime: daydreaming/reading/writing/daydreaming about reading and writing
Favourite SHIPZZZZ: Starleaf/Morningstar (Star x Morningleaf, TGH), Hazelfrost (Hazelwind x Echofrost, TGH/ROTR), Glorybringer (Glory x Deathbringer, WOF), EMPREON (Umbreon x Espeon POKEMON AND OBVIOUSLY), Elian (Elizabeth x Julian TNG)

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