I mainly write short stories for school but this isn't all I have planned. I hope to be a published story writer in the future using all the weird characters floating around in my head! 

My 3 Works:

1 Paint: Completed. 10 short chapters. This read barely takes ten minutes to read so I suggest you look at it!
This is the story of Ella and her magical painting abilities. She has no idea how it happens but her painting can create life!
I love this story that I created for a Creative Writing course a couple years ago. The teacher had a competition between the fifteen or so students and I won!

2 The Assassin and His Father: Completed. 1 longish chapter. The read still only takes about ten minutes!
This is the incredible story of Karim, an accomplished assassin who starts questioning what he stands for and who he can trust in this cruel world.
This is a story I created for my English class in the 2016-2017 school year. I loved writing it because I thoroughly enjoyed the class along with my teacher! (Although we argued over who was right in Captain America Civil War. #TEAMIRONMAN #misunderstood #YDoesntTonyGetA2ndChance) This story is supposed to be based off of The Arabian Nights.

3 Nightmares: huff. This isn't completed and never will be. I leave it as a tribute to the time I spent on it. While I used to be a huge Mianite fan #TeamIanite) since the series isn't continuing I cannot get motivated to finish it. This is sad to me because it has more people following and reading it than the other two combined currently. (June 21 2017) I love my Mianite friends but we got to accept that the series is over now.
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Stories by DarkStorm007
Nightmares by DarkStorm007
Ever since Martha was a child she has been caught up in the lives of gods. Even though she seemingly has no p...
The Assassin and His Father by DarkStorm007
The Assassin and His Father
This is the story of a young assassin named Karim who struggles to understand who to trust. This is a story I...
Paint by DarkStorm007
Well this was a story I made for school that I just thought I'd share with you guys.
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