Yo, what's up? Welcome to my account!

So, here's a little bit about me:

You can all call me Alice!
Most of my story ideas come from either randomness, conversations, or dreams.
Alongside writing; I love to read sometimes.
I also have a dA, fanfiction, and fictionpress account! I follow along the same name (except dA, and a lil bit from fictionpress.)
I LOVE anime! :3

I hope you enjoyed reading my stories, and await for all of them to be updated! See ya!
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Tredecim - Kronos

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Description: Let's visualize for a moment. I, Harvey Payne, have to live with a psychopathic murderer to find the cause as to why she murdered her family member. Oh what joy! Not really. She's too creepy for my own good. A...


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