Salams Everyone

To those who do not know what it means, its just a form of saying hello, and blessings be upon you.

I never know what to say in these boxes, so I guess I'll wing it.

I love reading, as many wattpadians do. Uhm Im in the process of writing two books. But Im horrible at uploading.

Fun facts

1. I love the color red
2. I can out run a dog if its chasing me. (Who couldnt. Be honest)
3. Ive stuck my tongue on a pole just to see if it would did and I couldnt eat for 3 days.

I guess thats it then.
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    Wouldnt you Like to know.?
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Dark0Princess Dark0Princess Sep 10, 2014 09:16AM
Im not even sure if I want to continue writing my books. Any followers of my books want me to actually write again?
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