"யாதும் ஊரே! யாவரும் கேளிர்!"

Translation :

"To us all towns are one, all men our kin."

Written 3000 years ago by a Tamil Poet, depicted at UNO and that's my PRINCIPLE.

According to me, countries and boundaries are barriers against love. I love you all irrespective of your country, color, caste, religion, culture, language and all those splitting stuffs but you must be a human with good values. Even if you're bad, I'm not gonna regret cos I'm highly optimistic! 😍

Age :18 😊

I love making friends across the world . Be fun to talk but in English. Sorry, I wanted to be a linguist and currently I know only 3 languages. Teach me your language. 😉

Passion: Stories reading and Writing 😍

I'm a kind of person who is personally attached to the characters I read. For my own care, I avoid reading tragedic and Romance stories. Cos when I read tragedic one, I will be brooding over it for at least a day. My mood would be completely down. When I read a romantic story, I long for love 😑😥

20-02-2000 is my DOB. 😏

I breathe Freedom. I not let anyone indulge in it.😑

I'm a reader and then I'm a writer...

Loves Bharathiyar among Tamil scholars.. His poems are my enthusiasm.. They are my emotions and his love over Tamizh is mine too😍

Love R. L. Stine (in English) a lot. His books are my Nightmares.. Moreover my English Teacher... 😘

I believe in the following:

*Everything Happens For Something 😋

*Every one around you is good 😑

*What you sow, so you reap. Don't feel if you get cheated. At least, you have been useful to someone. 😛😛😛


Thus, I'm a highly Optimistic Person. 😇(And a very good soul too)

Happy Nights... Happy Dreams...with Happy Words...😊
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